This video is of Camp No Limits; an outdoor, physical challenge and rehabilitation camp for childhood amputees. It is run by a very close physiotherapy colleague of mine. When I watch it I think of two things:

1. Rehabilitation is for life: If you read back to my old post about ‘Recovery is a marathon not a sprint’, this story of Camp No Limits embodies the important concept that learning and recovery never ends. You have to challenge yourself to try the movements or tasks that seem to be beyond your capability right now-but one step at a time. Set goals for yourself. Find the right resources around you to give you the support you need. I know that before Camp No Limits, there were few opportunities for young amputees to get the coaching they needed to live life to the fullest.

2. Neuroplasticity underlies new learning: Although these children do not have brain injury, they are capitalizing on neuroplasticity. As they practice and learn new skills like rock climbing, riding a bicycle and even riding a mechanical bull, neuroplasticity is at work to make new connections within the brain so that the new skill can be learned.